What is AcuraLink?

October 4th, 2017 by


Your car and your smartphone are both essential to your daily life – so what if they could work cooperatively to help you travel safer and more conveniently? AcuraLink offers a navigation system, provides real-time traffic updates, gives you access to a personal concierge, and much more. Better yet, it’s available on every Acura model. Learn about some of the cutting edge features, then visit Acura of Avon in Canton, CT to tour the new vehicle inventory and benefit from the Lorensen Advantage.

Eliminate Common Travel Hassles

If you’re looking for your vehicle in a crowded parking lot in Hartford, just open the AcuraLink app on your phone to get directions right to your parking spot. One you’re there, the app will also lock or unlock the doors for you. You can even send an address from your phone directly to the in-car navigation system.

Drive More Confidently

Acura has won numerous awards for safety, and every vehicle is even safer with the help of AcuraLink. The app will automatically notify emergency responders after a collision, or help you track a stolen vehicle. Drivers are also provided with real-time traffic updates that make it easy to avoid delays.

Service Your Vehicle

The AcuraLink app gives you access to a complete owner’s guide for your model as well as up-to-date information about any recalls. A service calendar shows you when maintenance is necessary, and you can book an appointment right through the app. Finally, if you need help on the roads of West Hartford, AcuraLink connects you with a variety of roadside assistance providers.

Get Customized Information and Assistance

Drivers who want an elite experience can use AcuraLink to connect with a personal concierge. This person can do everything from recommending a local restaurant to booking an airline reservation. And since the service is performed by an actual concierge, you get insider information and in-depth expertise.

Upgrade Your Drive with AcuraLink

Acura models utilize other advanced technologies like premium audio systems, the AcuraWatch™ safety suite, and exclusive all-wheel drive technology. A tour and test drive reveals just how exceptional this lineup really is. Visit Acura of Avon get all your automotive needs met, and rely on us to approve your for financing. Contact us to ask questions before stopping by.