How Reliable Are Electric Cars?

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You probably know you can get hundreds of miles of range on a single electric vehicle battery charge in Canton and that EVs have many environmental benefits. But how reliable are electric cars, and what is the electric vehicle battery life expectancy? Here Acura of Avon answers the question, “Are electric cars more reliable than traditional cars?” Learn more about EV reliability and battery life below, and contact us to explore hybrid and electric vehicles and their features in person.

Are Electric Cars More Reliable Than Conventional Cars?

Electric cars are often more reliable than conventional internal-combustion engines because they have fewer components to go wrong, and EVs don’t use engine oil either. That means they require less maintenance. Plus, recent advances in technology have increased electric car battery life expectancy to around 10 to 20 years, and most new electric vehicle manufacturers guarantee their EV batteries with long-term warranty coverage.

How to Maximize EV Battery Life

Since the batteries in electric vehicles are one of the main components and are expensive to replace, it’s essential to take good care of your EV battery. These are some ways to extend the battery life of an EV on Hartford roads and beyond.

  1. Don’t charge your hybrid EV every night, and try to keep its battery life between 20% and 80%.
  2. Try to keep your EV out of extreme heat as much as possible because it can dramatically reduce an electric car’s battery life expectancy. Are electric cars reliable in cold weather? Severe cold can drain the battery faster, so keep it stored in a heated garage if possible.
  3. Don’t always use fast charging. Charge your EV car battery slowly when possible. DC Fast Charging is obviously more convenient, but overusing it can deteriorate your battery.
  4. Drive in a steady mild-mannered way without speeding or racing around West Hartford because exhausting large amounts of charge quickly can degrade your electric car battery.

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Now that we’ve answered the question, “How reliable are electric cars?” are you ready to go for a test drive in a new hybrid or EV around Manchester? We also may have certified pre-owned vehicles on our lot. Reach out to us today or explore our inventory online or at the dealership, and don’t forget that you can get a value for your trade-in before your visit!

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