Does Acura Require Premium Gas?

If you have recently secured the keys to a new Acura, you naturally want to learn how to take care of your ride in the best way possible. This line of thinking may have you wondering, “does Acura require premium gas?” According to Acura, premium gas is a must for the Acura NSX, and it is the recommended fuel type for the MDX,RDX, TLX,RLX, andILX.

So, do all Acuras require premium gas? The answer is “no,” but it is strongly recommended that Hartford drivers utilize premium gas in their Acura, as is par for the course for most luxury automobiles. Discover more about Acura fuel recommendations with Acura of Avon below!

Premium Gas vs. Regular Gas – What’s the Difference?

The notable difference between common fuel types is the octane level. Each type of fuel has an octane rating:

  • Regular: 87 octane rating
  • Midrange: 88 to 90 octane rating
  • Premium: 91 to 94 octane rating

Fuel with higher octane levels presents a lower risk for combustion to occur at the wrong time. This phenomenon is known as pre-ignition or “engine knock,” due to the knocking sound it creates. Higher octane fuel is a great protection against unsettling engine knocking out on the West Hartford streets.

Why Fill Up With Premium Gas?

Now that we have answered, “do all Acuras require premium gas?,” you may be wondering why this fuel type is strongly recommended. Modern luxury models like the Acura lineup are designed with knock sensors to prevent pre-ignition. While your high-end Acura model can run on lower octane fuel, filling up with lower octane fuel will diminish the performance of your vehicle.

Since Acura models are designed with performance in mind, filling up with a lesser fuel type prevents top output from your ride. Many Acura cars and SUVs feature turbocharged or supercharged engines, which use a higher compression ratio. That is why high octane (premium gas) is recommended for such finely tuned automotive machines.

Discover Acura Performance in Canton

Now that you have a firm answer on “does Acura require premium gas?” you can care for your West Hartford ride like a pro. With the proper fuel, you can make the most of the robust Acura performance specs and take over the Manchester streets in a dazzling fashion. Explore our expansive inventory online, then visit us in Canton to find your fit. Contact us today if you have any lingering Acura car care questions!

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