What Is AcuraLink?

You might want to know, what is AcuraLink? If you’re driving around Hartford in a new Acura and want the ultimate in connectivity to your vehicle, there’s nothing quite like the AcuraLink app to keep you connected. AcuraLink Connect is a way of monitoring the important metrics of your new or pre-owned Acura vehicle which will save you trips to get your car maintained. It’s an app you can find on the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android devices and it’ll revolutionize the way you drive.

What AcuraLink Connect Features are Available?

AcuraLink is a considerable technological phenom, making the West Hartford drive more convenient and luxurious than ever before. You’re already getting Acura’s excellent luxury cars, but with AcuraLink Connect, you also get these great technological advantages:

  • Vehicle Health Report You’ll get a monthly Vehicle Health Report or your Acura sent right to your email inbox, giving you special insight into how your Acura is doing.
  • Destination Send If you’ve got somewhere to go, this AcuraLink feature will make your life a whole lot easier. Just plan your destination on your phone and AcuraLink will send the details to your car for an easy drive.
  • Dashboard Get a quick glance at the fuel level, mileage, and oil condition of your Acura so you’ll always know when it’s time to refuel or get in touch with your dealer’s service department.
  • Last Mile If you’re at a sports stadium or somewhere else where your parking spot is a great distance from your destination, AcuraLink will give you walking directions to your destination for a smooth, hassle-free arrival.

You also get these available AcuraLink safety features free for a year with every new Acura:

  • Emergency Call If you run into an emergency, Acura live agents can send for help for you.
  • Automatic Collision Notification If you’ve been in an accident, an Acura live agent will call you to make sure you’re safe and request help if necessary.
  • Roadside Assistance If you need a tow or a jump, 24/7 roadside assistance is at your fingertips.
  • Personal Data Wipe You can also reset your navigation to its default settings.

Maximize Your Acura Drive With Acura of Avon

Now that you know what is AcuraLink, you can make the most out of your Manchester Acura experience by coming to Acura of Avon. Come to the people who have the best financing, the best parts, the best service, and the best overall experience for anyone who comes in. That’s what makes Acura of Avon different. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

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