What is a Hybrid Car?

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Many Hartford drivers are looking to add fuel efficiency to their daily commute with a hybrid-powered vehicle, but you may be wondering, “What is a hybrid car?” The hybrid car meaning covers vehicles that use an electric motor in conjunction with a gas engine. Vehicles under that hybrid car definition use those two systems to bring the best fuel economy to your Canton commutes.

When you’re considering hybrid performance, read on with Acura of Avon to learn about the different types of hybrid powertrains. Then, use our vehicle finder service to find the right performance, fuel economy, and features for you.

Hybrid Car Meaning: Varieties of Hybrid Cars

Understanding the hybrid car definition means exploring the type of hybrid systems behind the improved fuel efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a model similar to your gas-powered drives or a model with a more electric performance, there are a variety of models to fit your needs. Let’s take a look at the types of systems that fall under the hybrid car meaning:

Parallel Hybrid

Parallel hybrids are likely what you think of when you hear about hybrid vehicles. A parallel hybrid model uses an electric motor and gasoline engine connected to the same automatic, manual, or CVT transmission. These hybrid vehicles combine the two power sources to propel the vehicle forward and recharge the electric motor during trips around West Hartford.

Series Hybrid

While series hybrid vehicles similarly use an electric motor paired with a gasoline engine, they differ from parallel hybrid models because they are paired directly with the transmission while being the sole power source of the vehicle. A series hybrid vehicle uses the gas engine as a generator for the electric motor and only provides power to the gasoline engine.

Plug-In Hybrid

Becoming more common on Manchester streets are plug-in hybrid models. Similarly, they combine an electric motor and gasoline engine connected to the transmission for efficient performance. However, their hybrid car definition differs as they have a larger battery pack for driving substantial distances on electric power alone. When you’re running errands, a plug-in hybrid allows you to save on gas and easily recharge by plugging in as you rest at home.

Once you’ve run out of electric range in a plug-in hybrid, simply go back to using gas-powered performance on your Manchester drives.

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