Comparing Hybrid vs. Electric Cars

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Every day, more and more drivers in Hartford are making the switch to green technology. And between hybrid vs. electric cars, there’s certainly no shortage of options to explore. So, which is your best bet for the West Hartford roads ahead? Let’s take a look at the design of hybrid cars vs. electric cars to determine which fits into your lifestyle the best.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: the Basics

Comparing hybrid vs. electric mechanisms, you’ll find both similarities and differences. Both options provide phenomenal fuel economy figures and excellent environment benefits, but they have distinctive differences as well.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars rely on both gas and electric power, which makes them versatile options for the Hartford roads. The gas engine generates the bulk of the power, and a secondary electric motor provides additional support to boost efficiency. Both systems work simultaneously, and the battery self-charges for added convenience.

Electric Cars

While hybrid cars use both gas and electric power, the electric car uses gas alone. This means there’s no gas-powered engine at all, just a larger battery and electric motor. And though you can skip all trips to the gas station, you’ll need to find a source of electric power instead. This can be at your home or at a public charging station.

Why Choose a Hybrid?

  • Convenience: If you switch from a gas-powered car to a hybrid, you won’t notice much difference. Just go to your regular gas station as usual – but far less frequently!
  • Affordability: Hybrid models are typically less expensive than an EV, and there’s no need to install a charging station.
  • Battery: The battery charges itself automatically as you navigate Manchester, so you don’t need to plug in.

Why Choose an Electric Vehicle?

  • Environment: Comparing the hybrid vs. electric car, the electric car is favored for its gas-free and emissions-free performance.
  • Maintenance: Not only will you stop spending money on gas, but you’ll stop spending money on oil changes and engine upkeep!
  • Flexibility: You can find a public charging station around town or install a home charging station to take care of your battery overnight.
  • Incentives: Depending on your location, you might find EV incentives to bring down the price.

Explore the Hybrid vs. Electric Inventory at Acura of Avon

We’ve gone through the key differences between hybrid cars vs. electric cars, so why not experience this technology in person? Contact us at Acura of Avon with any questions or visit our dealership in Canton to explore your options with a test drive!

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