Does Acura Make a 3rd Row SUV?

Does Acura Make a Third-Row SUV?

Acura SUVs are popular throughout Hartford for their exceptional performance and spacious build, but what if you need to seat more than the standard crossover can allow? Does Acura make a third-row SUV? The Acura MDX is the only model in the Acura SUV lineup with third-row seating—and that’s just the beginning. Get to know more about the Acura SUV models with Acura of Avon, and be sure to visit our showroom in Canton for your next test drive!

Why Choose an Acura SUV with Third-Row Seating?

When West Hartford families are looking for premium comfort, the Acura SUV lineup features two finely crafted models: the three-row Acura MDX and the two-row Acura RDX. The Acura RDX is a best-selling crossover with two rows, and its nimble handling and sporty style make for one brilliant ride. So, if you just need a five-person SUV, the RDX is the perfect choice.

But if you want an Acura SUV with third-row accommodations, the Acura MDX will surpass your expectations. While you’ll appreciate having enough space for seven passengers during long road trips, having an Acura SUV model with three rows of seating means you can also haul more luggage or supplies for your DIY projects. Whatever the day throws at you, the MDX enhances your comfort with all the luxuries and accessories that you need, including cupholders, USB ports, and plush seating for Manchester excursions.

Acura SUV Models by Size

When we compare the Acura SUV models by size, you’ll see neither of the premium SUVs is compromising your comfort during Hartford drives. Whether hauling furniture or taking a family trip, the spacious dimensions of the Acura SUV models are sure to impress.

Three-Row Acura MDX Interior Dimensions

  • Seating Capacity: seven
  • Headroom (First/Second/Third): 38.5 / 38.1 / 36.2 inches
  • Shoulder Room (First/Second/Third): 61.9 / 60.3 / 55.2 inches
  • Hip Room (First/Second/Third): 59.3 / 57.8 / 40.6 inches
  • Legroom (First/Second/Third): 41.6 / 38.5 / 29.1 inches
  • Cargo Capacity (First/Second/Third): 95.0 / 48.4 / 16.3 cubic feet

Not only can you luxuriate in the spacious Acura three-row SUV, but you can also configure it to your needs by removing the second-row seats.

Two-Row Acura RDX Interior Dimensions

  • Seating Capacity: five
  • Headroom (First/Second): 40.0 / 38.0 inches
  • Shoulder Room (First/Second): 55.0 / 50.0 inches
  • Hip Room (First/Second): 60.0 / 57.0 inches
  • Legroom (First/Second): 42.0 / 38.0 inches
  • Cargo Capacity (First/Second/Third): 79.8 / 31.1 cubic feet

Discover the Acura SUV Models at Acura of Avon!

So, does Acura make a three-row SUV? Absolutely, and it’s one of the top models on the market! Take a test drive in the Acura MDX at Acura of Avon, and see why so many Canton drivers choose the MDX every day at our dealership. Learn more about the efficiency and performance of the Acura MDX and start shopping virtually with our Choose Build Drive feature.


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