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Acura Remote Start

If you are looking for a luxurious upgrade in Hartford, a new Acura is perfect for you. Each Acura model is built with innovative features for thrilling performance and offers impeccable style for your West Hartford commute. Along with eye-catching specs, Acura models are designed to provide advanced safety capabilities and innovative comfort features. One of the most essential conveniences offered by Acura is the remote start functionality.

Whether you want the Acura MDX remote start to warm up your SUV on a chilly morning, or prefer the Acura TLX remote start so you can slide in your sleek ride and take off with ease, you can find endless amenities through the Acura lineup. Learn more about Acura remote start and how to replace an Acura keyless remote battery below. Also, feel free to visit us at Acura of Avon if you would like one of our service center technicians to show you how to change the battery in an Acura key fob!

Acura Remote Start System Capabilities

With the Acura RDX remote start, you and your crossover can take on your busy calendar with tenacity. With built-in safety and convenience features, the Acura remote start key fob is perfect for essential errands in Manchester. Backed by the Acura MDX remote start or the Acura TLX remote start capabilities, you can enjoy convenient features such as:

  • Two-way remote with LED vehicle status indicators
  • Full integration with security and immobilizer systems for protection
  • Activates the Auto Climate Control system to set a comfortable temperature based on the weather conditions outside
  • 10-minute runtime with the option to extend for an additional 10 minutes
  • Two transmitters included

How to Program the Acura Remote Start Key Fob

Learning how to program your Acura RDX remote start key fob in your own Manchester garage is easier than you may think. Our team can help you program your Acura MDX remote start key fob in just a few simple steps! Follow the steps on how to program a remote starter key fob:

  1. Enter the cabin and securely shut all the doors and the trunk.
  2. Turn the key to “ON” marked by the II position. At this point, the dash lights should come on.
  3. After you hear a click, press the “Lock” button on the key fob for one second.
  4. Turn the key to “OFF” marked by I on the bezel. Make sure the dash lights go off.
  5. Repeat this process three more times (four total).
  6. On the fourth cycle of turning the key to “ON,” press the lock button and listen for a cycling sound of the locks. This indicates that you are now in programming mode.
  7. Press “Lock” twice more, then “Unlock.”
  8. Turn the ignition off and remove the key.
  9. Step out of the car and test the features!

If you need further assistance programming your Acura TLX remote start key fob or swapping your Acura MDX remote battery, contact our service department for expert guidance.

Replacing an Acura Key Fob Battery

Is your Acura keyless remote battery low? Your Acura keyless remote battery is essential to enjoy the incredible capabilities listed above. You can always work with our parts team to ensure you have the correct Acura key fob battery (the CR2032 Button Cell battery in most cases) and to find personalized guidance. However, if you are looking for a DIY solution for when your Acura keyless remote battery gets low, we can walk you through it. The following instructions work on all popular Acura models and should enable you to replace your Acura MDX remote battery without a hitch.

Acura Key Fob Battery Replacement | How to Open an Acura Key Fob and Replace It:

  1. Press the tab and remove the metal key
  2. Use the metal key to pry the key fob open via the opening where the key was removed from
  3. Remove the old battery with a small screwdriver.
  4. Insert the fresh battery with the positive (+) side facing up
  5. Press the key fob casing back together until you hear two clicks
  6. Return the key to the slot
  7. Ensure the shell snaps back together

Acura Key Fob Battery Replacement – Acura Keyless Remote

  1. Pull out the metal key
  2. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry to key fob open gently
  3. Remove the old batteries
  4. Insert the fully charged pair of batteries
  5. Press the two halves of the key fob back together

Even if you know how to change the battery in an Acura MDX key fob, you can always visit us in Canton where one of our expert team members can replace your Acura MDX remote battery in a jiffy!

Find Expert Acura Guidance in Canton

Whether you need help with your Acura remote start programming, need guidance on how to change the battery in an Acura key fob, or require a major fix, you can schedule service with our team. We offer transparent assessments, fair prices, and expeditious care to all of our customers. From simple swaps on an Acura keyless remote battery to intensive repairs, you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time. If you have any questions about our vehicles or the services we provide, feel free toget in touch at any time, we can’t wait to work with you! Interested in other Acura features? Discover the Acura Technology Package today!


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